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Everything conceals a deep meaning: in a grotto of" Fear and Doubts" directly over the head the huge boulder ready any minute to break and crush under the weight of the doubting wanderer hangs. Slightly at some distance – other illusion: the tiny nutlet by some miracle supports the stone exceeding it in weight by 1000 times!

Constructed a dam on the small river Kamenka – waters a set of lakes spread, escaped on tens meters up streams of fountains, collapsed streams of falls down. Built grottoes and pavilions. Landed avenues of lindens, maples, chestnuts. Put surprising beauty of a sculpture

Dendrology park of Sofiyevk. It is built according to the demand of the count S. Pototsky and it is called in honor of his wife Sofia. The park of 150 hectares included Big falls with the iron bridge, the Amsterdam lock which is cut down in the rock Lev's grotto, a grotto of Venus with falls, the pool of the Small fish, Gippokrena's source Top and Nizhny Novgorod ponds, the underground river Stiks, etc.

Words of Sofia sank down in soul of the count. Its sublime and romantic nature looked for calms in devoted and eternal love, and it lit up idea to create man-made park which would surpass everything in the architectural complex, seen by it hitherto, and would become a worthy gift to the beloved.