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What is the most important for a set new small today in medium-sized companies which not so long ago were small, for numerous enterprise divisions in joint ventures of major companies?

But this risk with interest comes true if you manage to connect in your market strategy two types of marketing in a single whole. Each of these methods of marketing is aimed at one of two main components providing the companies growth of the income in modern conditions: it is a product and its consumer.

You will be able to reduce risk, first of all that be convinced that your production increases sales volumes. You can create then firm, time already you had the first cash. To try water, to plunge into market elements in industrial era was much more difficult business as heavy capital investments were required to develop, make and store any product. But today services and information which as you think, it will be possible to sell can become your "product". And for this purpose large initial investments will be required at all. You will only incur the expenses connected with realization of your production (services or information) which do not come within miles of your own efforts on its "release".

Both types of marketing, and focused on a product, and focused on the consumer separately are today already past remnants when the companies were torn on the markets of production intended for the mass consumer, making minor changes and improvements in already existing types of goods and services. Such methods of marketing justified themselves in conditions when the markets of production for the mass consumer were plentiful and, in effect, boundless. The bureaucratic control system, characteristic for industrial era, was as well as possible adapted for such approach in marketing.

Today, if you look for ways of increase in profit only due to decrease in costs of production, you leave business sooner or later. You are convinced soon that at all imagination, using all the creative abilities, you will not be able to reduce the level of production costs in the company below a certain limit. At the same time if you turn the look into other party and will start looking for ways of increase in the income of your company, increase in its sales volume, opportunities for you open the really boundless.

Here achievement of one result can be modified in such a way that itself will be the reason for receiving some other result. Everything intertwines here and continues to intertwine. Each element constantly is in dynamics, in development, everyone grows and changes. "And" can be the cause of "B", but also "B" also acts today also as the reason "And".

In an information age for major companies development of essentially new product, and creation of such product or type of service which would lay the foundation to formation of a new industry has key value not simply. Only in this case the company can count on the acceptable level of costs of production and decrease in degree of risk.

If you adhere to the marketing focused on the consumer it is not necessary to care too what it is obligatory to receive the decision of technical expertize of that is necessary and it is not necessary to make what people need.

This strategy in marketing includes a number home-style of kinds of activity not striking at first sight, such as talk with people, circulation on trade exhibitions and show, visit of public library, attraction for work to itself on firm someone who perfectly understands that sphere in which the board of your firm most of all is interested.

During information era when needs and inquiries of consumers quickly extend all over the world when they become extremely individualized when the markets become very various on the structure, stake on increase in the income, but not on decrease in costs (though these things are interconnected).

The most important thing which you have to know if plan to use the second method of marketing focused on the consumer is that consumers buy. Not that is on sale or that certain consumers buy can be sold in the market, namely.