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Harry takes amirah vann to write a speech outline

Biological, including food, resources of the planet cause possibilities of human life on Earth, and mineral and power form a basis of production of goods of human society. Among natural richness of the planet distinguish ischerpayemy and inexhaustible resources.

Considerable surface areas of sushi are excluded from economic activity of the person owing to accumulation on it industrial wastes and impossibility of use of areas where development and mining is conducted.

Top of evolution live on Earth was the person who as took a species on the basis of numerous changes not only consciousness (a perfect form of the display surrounding the world, but also ability to make and use in the life of an instrument of labor.

By means of instruments of labor the mankind began to create actually artificial environment of the dwelling (settlements, dwellings, clothes, food, cars and a lot of things the friend. Since then evolution of the biosphere entered a new phase where the human factor became a powerful natural driving force.

With the advent of life on Earth the water cycle became rather difficult since more difficult processes connected with activity of live organisms, especially the person were added to the simple phenomenon of evaporation.

Stability of the biosphere is based on a high variety of live organisms which separate groups carry out various functions in maintenance of the general stream of substance and distribution of energy, on the closest interlacing and interrelation of biogenous and abiogenous processes, on matching of cycles of separate elements and an equilibration of capacity of separate tanks. In the biosphere difficult systems of feedback and dependences work.

Participation of each separate organism in geological history of Earth is insignificant a little. However infinitely there is a lot of living beings on Earth, they possess the high potential of reproduction, actively interact with habitat and eventually represent in the set special, global scales the factor transforming the top covers of Earth.

In normal natural conditions all processes happening in the soil are in balance. But quite often in violation of an equilibrium condition of the soil the person is guilty. Development of economic activity of the person is resulted by pollution, change of structure of the soil and even its destruction.

Value of organisms is caused by their variety, universal distribution, existence duration in the history of Earth, selective nature of biochemical activity and exclusively high chemical activity in comparison with other components of the nature.