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Renta as economic category, besides nominal function of a gain of a, creates also incentive to continuous redistribution of resources to spheres of the most profitable appendix. This process of redistribution of resources to the spheres bringing a rent. is called as process of generation of profit.

Theoretical prerequisites of the analysis of a pure economic rent are based on recognition of an equivalence of any land grounds of the identical area. In practice various grounds find different degree of efficiency on a variation of their use. It affects a rent.

Investigating the theory of a rent, A. Marshall allocates concept of the additional income gained by the individual land owner from the improvements and benefits brought to agriculture by the general progress of society during the short and long periods made in agriculture. For the periods lasting more long in comparison with time which is required for introduction of any improvements and their full introduction to practice, net income, of these improvements represent only a price which ­ to pay for efforts of those who makes these improvements;

The rent is defined by modern economic science as the income moreover of a minimum level which is necessary for attraction of any production factor in this field of activity. It is also an economic rent. The quasirent is defined as the income moreover of a minimum level which is necessary for deduction of production factor in a field of activity. The quasirent is more than rent at a size of irretrievable costs. (These are costs which were incurred by firm at the accession to branch but which it will not be able to pay back in case of an exit from not.

Other way to apply for a rent — through definition and fixing of the rights for resources without their real use. Thus benefit is presented a rent and the size of costs which people want to incur for the sake of acquisition of these rights.